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21st century intelligent Network.

eliminating all the issues of legacy systems that you do not need - delivering all the features you do.  21iN presents a shift change in the rolling out and management of the core INFRASTRUCTURE and cost of cutting edge hosted Distribution & Contact Centres.

Fully PCI compliant, cloud based, feature rich and highly scalable, 21iN is a complete turn key solution aimed specifically at Service Providers and Communication Providers for large scale implementation.

The 21iN Platform is a progressive and permanently contemporary platform and software solution that enhances and simplifies the usability and implementation of call management. The combination of capability, network, technology and the SLA free, price-per-minute model makes this solution a highly accessible and viable solution that free's businesses to scale their call capacity effortlessly and enhance customer service equally using the latest methods. Our PaaS genuinely revolutionises the call centre model; delivering the latest technology liberating SP's and CP's alike.

A solution that is endorsed and partnered with BT & Vodafone UK.

DCI CompliantPCI DSS Compliant call recording and payment services from all locations.
Bt And Vodafone CertifiedBT & Vodafone certified, endorsed and interconnected.
Price-Per-Minute ModelPrice-Per-Minute model freeing you from SLA's and limitations of physical capacity.

Unique proposition


Network Expansion at 40% of utilisation allowing limitless scaling.

cap-ex & sLAfree

Cost of service provision remains constantly directly proportional to your revenues.


Eliminating all issues of legacy systems - always cutting edge.

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All the features you would expect from a world leading solution and more.

Complete I.P or PSTN solution
Network Based
Advanced web UI.
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No CAP-EX, ENGINEERING COST & SLA Free. Network based price per minute model.

Price-per-minute model ensures the cost of service provision remains constantly directly proportional to your revenues as costs are only incurred for minutes which traverse the network. Traditional SLA's required for call centre applications not required. Hardware, software  and network run all client systems.

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Leading edge routing & CALL FLOW BUILDING.

Assign icons (call centre functions) into a logical sequence to suit organisational requirements to create highly sophisticated call flow trees with almost limitless options. Used in combination with wallboards, integrated routing plans, advanced call treatment and data processing provides the complete self managed solution for any environment.

21iN Platform

Network/cloud solution over proprietary systems.

The key differences and benefits of the 21iN solution extend beyond theplatforms day-to-day usability.  As a best-of-breed solution our network and it's implementation signify a huge shift in management and operations for CP/SP's and their customers.

21iN Network

Flexible I.P Solution allowing integration with proprietry telephone systems.

A cost effective and sophisticated solution that frees organisations to expand and contract call centre capacity efficiently with automated Disaster Recovery

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CRM Integration.

Bespoke integration for seamless interaction between agent call workplace and customer data for all CRM's.

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Network resilience, Data security, infrastructure & costing.

Geographically redundant High Availability platforms in Tier 3 data centres integrated into the Vodafone network with redundant interconnects.

21iN Network

PCI Compliance & Call Recording.

Ensuring consistant high quality PCI compliant call recording and storage in a secure ISO 27001 environment removing 90% of costs and the organisational responsibility associated with compliance.

Advanced web GUIAdvanced web GUI.
Enhanced Customer ServiceEnhances & streamlines customer experience.
Unified cost reducing solutionA unified cost reducing solution.

Call Management & Contact Centre solutions Evolved Our platform requires no capital expenditure, Hardware acquisition, maintenance and is totally free from SLA'S