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The complete I.P network solution - Call distribution and contact centre.

Commercially compelling, highly configurable and enhanced customer facing solution.

Whether you are currently deploying proprietary or cloud based solutions, the 21iN Network-Platform is a unique proposition offering a commercial advantage as well as game changing feature rich and customer facing benefits.  The overall proposition dramatically changes the profile of what constitutes call centre deployment for SP and CP's.

Network BasedNetwork based Call distribution
IVR Contact CentreNetwork based IVR Contact Centre
Web GUIAdvanced Web based GUI interface.

Network based distribution


Translate to any UK or International number to I.P or any other global number.

No Engineering

Time & date routing

Permanently Contemporary

Tailored Service Creation using icon development kit. PCI Compliant Call Recording and payment services

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Interactive Routing

Interactive routing is a web based interface, which allows businesses / organisations to define, modify, activate, display and rapidly roll out service creation & routing plans in real time.

As well as creating bespoke tailored solutions that allow you to orchestrate traffic flow to meet business demands as they happen, interactive routing is also an immensley powerful telephony tool as it combines Network IVR, advanced network services, contact centre solutions and sophisticated routing options - from filtering by region, time and destination to Tele-Voting and Skills Based routing.

Drag and Drop IVRDrag and drop advanced IVR Creation.
PCI CompliantAllows for PCI Compliant Call Recording
BCP Disaster RecoveryBCP Disaster Recovery.

Network based Contact Centre.

Our web based contact centre is built for the most demanding of situations featuring a wide variety of features from sophisticated call flow building, advanced reporting and analytics. Where required, we integrate customers existing CRM and in house  systems on a project-specific basis  via http(s) or SOAP, as well as via vendor-specific proprietary interfaces. Database integration is easy to set up within our Visual Call Flow Builder, e.g. via http(s), SQL queries, SOAP access or even VoiceXML scripts.

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White label
Self Management
User Friendly.
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Contact Center Interface.

The 21iN PaaS interface is a highly advanced white label web based UI for managing routing, creating sophisticated call flow and for the monitoring of all processes for the call centre solution.

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Web Based
Real Time
Advanced Analytics

Enhanced features.

CRM integration

IVR Building

Bespoke integration for seamless interaction between customer data for all CRM's.


Interactive Voice Response

Call routing using IVR, queries from external databases, comparison of values, Voice XML scriplets, call recording, ASR & TTS.



Standard or custom statistics direct from platform to call centre wallboards.

Call Recording

Service Creation

PCI Compliant network based call recording and storage, payment & integration for data processing. Data-mining interface for playback and recovery of historical stored media recordings.


Outbound Campaigns

A seamless analytics module with integrated predictive & progressive diallers for campaigns.


Call Recording

Mulitple routing plans with auto failover and full redundancy for Disaster Recovery.

Voice Biometrics

Voice Biometrics

Authenticates your customers through natural voice patterns. Improves customer experience and agent efficiency.

Real Time Voice Analytics

Real Time Voice Analytics

Customisable keyword and phrase detection for manager alerts to enhance agent performence, interegate historical audio for analysis and accelarate call types.

Reporting & Analytics

Historical Analytics

Predefined & tailored real time or historical data in Graphical and table formats.

Voice Recognition

Voice Biometrics

Programmable multi-lingual utility that streamlines the customers contact experience and increases agent productivity.

Text to speech

Real Time Voice Analytics

Enables the sysnthesis of text-to-speech to create natural sounding voices in 20 languages.

Social Media Integration

Historical Analytics

Post interactive surveys across social media channels, capture CSAT scores via Twitter direct messages & Facebook private messages customer ratings & comments to real time wall board and reporting module.