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21iN provides a best-of-breed, industry leading, Hosted Contact Center solution to large organisations, channel partners and resellers across the globe.

Naturally, we have experts who are focused on seamless integration, the best support and high levels of client service, yet the key principle that underpins 21iN is a technological one. Through our expertise and innovation we have changed the capability of contemporary contact centers and continually enhancing our network with the latest features. The very best people and the intelligent application of technology, deliver real flexibility and value to business by ensuring the resilience and features that are demanded in the ever-evolving consumer marketplace.

Our continual investment and commitment has created a solution that scales effortlessly in-line with business requirements. A commercial proposition that is compelling for all levels of business.

Our long term vision is to empower businesses across the world, through the application of our technology; a vision shared by our global partner - Vodafone.

The very best customer touchpoint available, to make the complex simple.

21iN Key Benefits
Ofcom regulated We are regulated by Ofcom.
trusted Network OperatorTrusted Network Operator.
Endorsed by Vodafone and BTEndorsed by Vodafone & BT.


Technical - Solution Support - Customer Service

At this level of business relationship and solution become inseperable, implimenting the 21iN network as a solution means just that. Our experts need to completley understand the scope and specific requirements and a good relationship is key. Although our solution is extremley flexible, engaging with and listening to our customers needs with care guides what is a very precise process of rollout, ensuring todays solution delivers effectivley and responds to future needs. Investing in productive relationships and understanding your business are quintissential elements of solution delivery and ongoing scalability.